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Working at Meeder

Working at Meeder means working in a Dutch family business, where the employees are very involved and have a heart for the matter. We are really proud of what we have achieved as a company, being one of the biggest and best suppliers of fresh food in the cruise industry.
Despite the enormous growth, the atmosphere of the family business still prevails. The management pays attention to the people and many employees have been able to develop well over the years.

The company culture is characterized by a no-nonsense mentality, a flat and open company structure and management members who work at the same table as the other colleagues. Everyone is easily approachable, and everything is negotiable.


What we sell is what we eat!

Not only our customers get the highest quality of fruit and vegetables, also our own kitchen is filled with it daily. Every day during lunch break we prepare our own fresh stuff and once a week we are treated with a delicious prepared meal. Also once a month every employee can pick a certain amount of fresh fruit and vegetables to take home. A healthy and tasty extra!

Don’t expect a 9-5 job at Meeder because our customers are spread all over the world in different time zones. This means you can speak to Germany, Spain, Singapore and the USA in one day, which gives an extra nice dimension to your job! Of course, we have this all organized in practical schedules but flexibility towards working hours is a necessity. In return you have a job where no day is the same and where time seems to fly…!


Unbiased recruitment procedure

Meeder uses various recruitment websites to recruit new colleagues, with the aim of reaching a wide range of applicants. In addition to the modern CV-databases, universities/schools, the UWV or the municipality are also called in to attract starters or people with a distance to the labor market, respectively. This of course depends on the position.

In the first part of the selection process, the resume is screened and we focus on education, experience, knowledge and skills. These factors guide the decision to continue with an applicant or not. Then, based on a personal interview, it will be examined whether there is also a “cultural fit” between the applicant and Meeder. In this conversation, specific questions are asked that have to do with work ethics, customer focus, flexibility, manners, management style, etc. Last but not least, there should be a click between the direct colleagues and the new employee.

Our recruitment procedure is designed in such a way that we create equal opportunities for everyone and exclude discrimination.





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