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For over 100 years we have been delivering the highest quality fresh products.
We act worldwide. Thanks to our facilities and joint ventures in Europe and beyond we’re able to guarantee the quality for which our products and their delivery are known. We do so with a group of professional and dedicated staff who together represent a transparent organisation that assigns great importance to delivering great service. This is probably the main reason for the long, sustainable relationships we enjoy with our clients and other partners.

Our companies and services

Through our companies Meeder, Meeder Iberica and Meeder Adriatico we are striving to continue and consolidate our position in the cruise / shipping markets. We will do so by further aligning and expanding our range of fresh products according to market demand. More than before, Meeder Group will position itself as an “all inclusive” service provider for whom customers hold centre stage.

Through Meeder Fresh we are addressing new markets whereby the focus is on delivering fresh products outside of Europe. As far as our current products are concerned: we reflect existing sales channels close to our three sites. Our aim is also to become a player in the world of larger catering and care organisations.

Finally Meeder Logistics takes care of getting the produce delivered at our clients’ location on time. With high demands to quality and food safety we use in-house developed packaging and transport methods. Therefore we are not only able to deliver produce in top condition but also with the required shelf life qualifications.

Exclusive solutions for fresh produce & dairy


Since 1880 Meeder has been a supplier of fresh produce. As a greengrocer in the centre of Rotterdam our company grew with the expansion of the Rotterdam harbour, so we started delivering fresh produce to peddlers and ship suppliers.

logo Meeder Iberica

Meeder Iberica is a subsidiary of the Meeder Group, located in the Netherlands. We are located in Barcelona, Spain’s logistic capital, from where we serve the Mediterranean basin with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, fresh flowers and dairy products.

Meeder Adriatico

Meeder Adriatico is a subsidiary of the Meeder Group, located in the Netherlands. We are located in Padua, Italy. We first started supplying cruise vessels in the harbour of Venice, today we service vessels in all Italian ports and those of the South of France, including that of Piraeus, Greece.

Your worldwide fresh guide

Meeder Fresh is a subsidiary of the Meeder Group. Unlike the other companies in the Meeder Group, Meeder Fresh does not  focus on a specific market. We deliver fresh produce both nearby and far away to a wide variety of customers.

Delivering fresh produce worldwide

Meeder Logistics

Meeder Logistics is the company within the Meeder Group responsible for the transport of our goods. Managing goods streams is remarkably important.
This is especially essential for transport and storage of fresh produce.