Meeder Adriatico

Exclusive solutions for fresh produce, dairy & logistics

Welcome to Meeder Adriatico

Meeder Adriatico is a subsidiary of the Meeder Group. We are located in Padua, Italy. We first started supplying cruise vessels in the harbour of Venice, today we service vessels in all Italian ports and those of the South of France, including that of Piraeus, Greece. Our assortment consists of fresh produce and Italian special products. We are a reliable partner of national and international cruise line companies, yachts and cargo vessels.

Our companies and services

Together with Meeder Netherlands in Barendrecht and Meeder Iberica in Barcelona, Spain we are able to combine know-how, volume and logistics to offer our clients high quality produce and products at a fair price delivered at any location either Europe or beyond.

Having our roots in the maritime sector, we know what the cruise market expects of their fresh products. We continuously fine-tune our processes to our client’s requirements; always looking to improve our packaging methods and transport modes.

Deliveries are made using various forms of air-conditioned transport – including sea container, airfreight and road. This ensures products always arrive fresh to be transformed into a high quality end product.

Our perception of quality

Whatever we do, we try to translate the quality standards we maintain for our products and company operations into our actions. We are always looking to improve year on year. That’s why we test our products for sustainability, by monitoring whether they are produced and delivered with the necessary respect for the environment in which we work and live.