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Welcome to Meeder Netherlands

Since 1880 Meeder has been a supplier of fresh produce. As a greengrocer in the centre of Rotterdam our company grew with the expansion of the Rotterdam harbour, so we started delivering fresh produce to peddlers and ship suppliers. In the 1950s the greengrocer business expanded and we started to deliver directly to passenger ships, this time we also included fresh products in our assortment. In 2006 our company moved from Rotterdam to Barendrecht’s business park, a centre where other companies that trade and transport fresh produce are located.

Having our roots in the maritime sector, we know what the cruise market expects of their fresh products. We continuously fine-tune our processes to our client’s requirements; always looking to improve our packaging methods and transport modes.

Our companies and services

Today Meeder offers a full range of vegetables, fruit, dairy and other fresh products that can be delivered to locations around the world. Together with our subsidiaries Meeder Adriatico in Padova, Italy and Meeder Iberica in Barcelona, Spain and our Luxemburg dairy partner Luxlait, we are able to serve our clients in Europe and beyond.

Meeder Logistics sees to it that deliveries are made using various forms of air-conditioned transport – including sea container, airfreight and road transport. This ensures products always arrive fresh to be transformed into a high quality end product.

Our perception of quality

Whatever we do, we try to translate the quality standards we maintain for our products and company operations into our actions. We are always looking to improve year on year. That’s why we test our products for sustainability, by monitoring whether they are produced and delivered with the necessary respect for the environment in which we work and live.