Meeder Logistics

Delivering your fresh produce worldwide

Welcome to Meeder Logistics

Meeder Logistics is within the Meeder Group responsible for the transport of our merchandise. Managing the supply of our merchandise is remarkably important due to product characteristics of our assortment which is full of fresh and shelf life products. The educated and dedicated team is available for all needed logistic solutions by road, sea and air around the world.

We developed a customized logistics and document process. This allows us to create a wide spectrum of documents in our own facilities, for example; export documents, health certificates and legalized invoices. Market developments and innovations are handled and implemented directly.

To prolong continuity and reliability we have partnerships with several parties; Meeder is Known Consignee under authorisation of the military police and an AEO full certification is maintained under authorisation of the Dutch authorities. This besides the efforts made to prolong national and international Food Safety certifications like BRC S&D and RIK.

We are seeking development constantly, which resulted in a special developed treatment to our fresh produce. Your fresh loading can reach destinations in the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa easily.

Clear and intensive communication resulted in a logistic contractors network. All offered and requested transport solutions are executed by partners with the same values as Meeder Logistics. All partners are handling transport within the framework of the requested certifications.
Consolidations with third parties are possible. Our experienced team is more than willing to advise you.