Meeder Logistics

Delivering your fresh produce worldwide

Quality Assurance

If you deliver fresh products that have to arrive at their destination in top condition, safeguarding quality and knowledge about the perishability of the various products is essential. This is why food safety is the core of our companies operations. Our facilities are BRC S&D certificated.

Meeder handles the AEO Full license since 2012. This license is handled and controlled by the Dutch customs under the authorisation of the European Union. Maintenance is only possible when a company complies to: Physical safety and security rules in and around your facilities; Safety and security rules through your company process; Safety and security rules in your documentation; All this is audited by the Dutch customs yearly.

For air shipments we are closely connected to the department of the Dutch authorities specialized in export by air. We are registered as Known Consignee in the database of the military police.

Quality Assurance, Safety and Security Awareness is anchored in the organization through a yearly training for all employees.