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Quality Assurance

If you deliver fresh products that have to arrive at their destination in top condition, safeguarding quality and knowledge about the perishability of the various products is essential. This is why food safety is the core of our company operations. Based on our BRC certification, our inspectors check our products closely and, should it ever be necessary, perform additional tests. Internally, we regularly perform shelf life tests, and externally additional lab work if performed on products with a higher risk profile. We guarantee the food safety and freshness of all our products when they arrive at their destination. The entire process chain – from producers through packaging methods, controls and transport – is aimed at ensuring the products are delivered in optimal condition. We also place high demands on the shelf life of our products.

We are constantly checking our processes to see whether we can discover areas where we can improve. The results of these evaluations lead to insights that help us fine-tune how we do things. One example is a new way of packaging that considerably extends shelf life. As a result, we can now ship paprika by sea container instead of airfreight to the Caribbean, which makes a significant difference in shipping costs.